SOS notice 隱形矯正注意事項


牙齒隱形矯正 SOS 使用注意事項:

1. 除了吃飯組嚼食物以外均應儘量戴著, 重要場合可卸下,  一天約戴14-15小時即可.

2.睡覺時戴著 SOS 牙齒移動效果最佳.

3. 飯前拿離口腔後應將之立即放入攜帶盒勿以衛生紙包它;  因材質極透明易被當成垃圾處理 .

4. 飯前將其拿出口腔飯後應刷牙, 並將SOS稍加沖洗後再戴回.

5. 可戴著喝飲料如果汁, 紅酒; 但易使之變色 .

6. SOS 拿離口腔後可以乾淨水清洗, 不可以熱水沖洗會使之融化.

7. 睡前刷牙時亦應以牙膏刷洗 SOS 矯正器以保持衛生.

SOS  application notice:

1. Wear appliance at all times except eating, 14-15 hrs / day.

2. When not in use, put the SOS into it's carrying case immediately; due to the transparency, it can easily be recognized as garbage, (especially when wrapped in tissue).

3. Brush teeth after each meal before putting the appliance back into the mouth.

4. Although it is okay to drink while wearing the SOS, however,  it will cause the appliance to darken and appear less transparent.

5. Wear the rubber bands as instructed if needed.

6. Brush the appliance with toothpaste before wearing to bed.

7. Sleep with it!